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Failspiration: Google and Microsoft keep failing, and that’s why your startup might fail, too.

What the heck is failspiration? It’s a thing that has failed, but not in a way that is linear, makes sense, or is otherwise easy to explain. It’s also a word I just invented, and years from now, there will be perhaps dozens of people using this term. That’s how effective I am at creating […]

No, consumers don’t actually care about your brand.

There are a select few brands that people actually give a shit about. Nike has created a brand that sneakerheads have embraced and turned into a quasi-currency. Rolex makes watches that have become synonymous with retirement gifts, sales awards, and rappers. Chipotle has decided to tie their brand to… E.Coli outbreaks? Hey, it’s working, I […]

Your Google My Business verification will probably be delayed

If you’re one of our genius clients, please don’t make any edits to your Google My Business profile for the next… Actually just don’t. We’re getting delays in verifications. If you make any changes, it can (but not always) will result in your business not having a verified listing. So please don’t touch anything. It’s […]

The Music Business Made Me Better At Business

I’m (mostly) gone from music, but the lessons I learned stuck with me. Five years ago, I came to a logical conclusion after over a decade in the music industry: Music is a terrible place for people in technology field. I decided it would be wise to spend my time focusing on things that could make […]

Bitcoin: Blowing bubbles until they burst

Whether you’re two or thirty-two, bubbles inspire our human imagination — for better or worse. Back in 2006, I had a buddy, who I’ll call Jake. (His name is not Jake.) Jake was in the business of adjustable rate home loans, because Jake was selling The American Dream™ for Countrywide Home Loans. During this time, Americans with questionable […]

Emergency 101: Back it up. Then make a backup of your backup.

Here’s the first thing you should do in any dire situation: Maintain your data integrity. Thankfully, backups are cheap, and easy to maintain. AWS has quick backup service that keeps everything secure, and it’s painless. Google Drive has an easy backup service if you just need it for your personal files. We keep backups for […]