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Machine Learning

Our Digital Process

Everything happens in stages. I like plans that are laid out cleanly, and easy for anyone to follow along. This allows me to hit my timelines.

Concept & User Experience

Maybe you have an idea, perhaps a vision. We help you refine it, tune it, and then we give you the first scan of your project: Functional staging versions of your website or application, so you understand how users will experience you project.

Engineering & Development

This is how we turn your idea into a product. We send you ideas, and you send us ideas back. We work together and engineer something that has form to match its function. This is also when we’re usually drinking the most coffee.

Launch & Operations

We put on the finishing touches. Those times where you say, “One more thing” — right before we hit the go-button. Even after launch, we need to make sure everything is operational, the way you expect it to be. Does it work with your existing infrastructure? Alright. We are ready to GO.

Evolve, Advertise, and Marketing

Putting the product live is just the beginning. Now we collect inbound data to understand your business, and write machine learning models that can generate you more revenue. At the end of the day, projects we’re in charge of make money.

Let’s talk about it.

Y’all need to ask questions, so we can answer them, basically.

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