Emergency 101: Back it up. Then make a backup of your backup.

Here’s the first thing you should do in any dire situation: Maintain your data integrity.

Thankfully, backups are cheap, and easy to maintain. AWS has quick backup service that keeps everything secure, and it’s painless. Google Drive has an easy backup service if you just need it for your personal files. We keep backups for you, and then we also maintain redundancy with MinIO and then maintain Amazon Glacier S3 — because you can’t be too safe.

Then, you’ve always got hard drives. Chances are, the stuff on your computer right now isn’t backed up. You can get a solid 2TB backup drive on Amazon for $65. If you need more storage, 5TB is only $120.

So back up your stuff. It’s not always a pandemic. Sometimes it’s a flood. It can be anything. Don’t lose data critical to your business. It takes time to do it. It’s boring. It’s tedious. But you gotta do it. So do it today, okay?

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