Legends Series

Dedicated to all the people out there tackling tough topics, like "Thought Leadership" and "C-Suite Consulting." It's hard to wake up every day and deal with the burden of being smarter than everyone, more analytical -- and more motivated. After all, you tell us how motivated you are, every single day. You're like an overflowing fountain of motivation.

You're a LinkedIn Legend, and you know it.

Fauxtivational Speaker T-Shirt


Black unisex t-shirt, flat collar, tagless, fine jersey cotton. No “unisex” doesn’t mean you’ve only had sex one time. It means the shirt is appropriate for any sex, and by sex I mean sex, not gender, which is whatever the fuck you want to be. The design is a white screen print gel which is extremely high quality, because we don’t sell cheap shit here on our store. The graphic was inspired by Kenny Powers from Eastbound and Down, a popular HBO series about a washed-up minor league baseball player. He publishes an audiobook called “You’re Fucking Out, I’m Fucking In” — which is filled with random nonsense motivational phrases which are virtually indistinguishable from the shit I see on LinkedIn every day.

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