We’re all in this together.

First and foremost: Our thoughts and prayers are with everyone who is currently dealing with any health complications from COVID-19. We can only hope you and your loved ones are minimally impacted.

Our billing promise.

We know you need your website, software, applications, and inventory programs hosted, maintained, and running.

If you can’t afford to pay your bills to use for a little while, that’s just fine. We’ll put you on a payment plan, so you can catch up on payments later. It may be a few months, and it may even be up to a year.

Pay what you can, when you can. We’re not going to be cutting off anyone’s services.


If you have a production timeline from us, on a project from this week, or even from over a year ago — we are still honoring all timelines.

We understand that you may not have the staff to support some finished products, so if that happens, just let us know. We can always push the pause button, and start it up again later.

Our “mothball” service is free.

If you don’t know if your business can stay open, or if you’re not sure you can re-open — let us know how you want to proceed.

Our mothball service means everything from your websites, web applications, databases, etc — can all be stored long term, at very low cost.

We don’t charge you a single dollar for this service. When you’re ready to re-open, we’ll be here waiting for you.