It’s that time of year again! The NCAA Tournament has arrived!

It’s time for all of us to pretend we know much more about college basketball than we actually do. It’s the only time of year that you’ll see the word “Florida” mentioned in a headline without immediately assuming crystal meth was involved.

Can you spell the last name of Duke’s head coach? Hell no. It’s like K… and then followed by a dozen consonants and only one vowel. There’s a reason he’s never been a Wheel of Fortune solution.

This year, we’ll be giving away a $50 Olive Garden Gift Card to the winner of our pool. Who can enter? Anyone. Well, anyone who loves authentic Italian cuisine. Your imagination is much like the salad and breadsticks at the Olive Garden: Limitless.

That’s just how we roll here at Bee Morris. When you roll with us, you roll with authenticity. That’s one of those hot branding words we love to use, and nothing is more authentic to us than enjoying the Olive Garden.

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